Wall of Sound, Sunday September 10th

Wonderful Ivah Sound keeps their bass-infused parties up at the Funky Elephant also on Sunday at Ravintola Lämpö and its outdoor terrace. The day starts already at 11 am with a special reggae brunch where the friends of good food will get a chance to enjoy the roots & culture spirited sound selections and dubbing of Jahtafari as well as Salamari Sound, who will arrive from the city of Hämeenlinna. However, it’s of course only fair that the hosts of the weekend themselves take over the turntables for the last hours and will blaze up their sound system carnival with their own set.

Salamari Sound

Ras Kurmas

Fyah I

Basso Terrace (Lämpö terrace)

On the other side of the walls you can expect to feel the heavy bass on Sunday as well, while it will be a wilder setting going on at the Basso Terrace compared to the laid-back brunch. The party will be started nicely with the ragga sounds and Jamaican vibes of Ras Kurmas and Fyah I. But we can guarantee the tempo to get up once and for all when Trey, a member of the Helsinki Jungle Mafia, with his double set and Mr Krabbz, also performing on Saturday night, take their selections into the wide direction of versatile bass-bearing club beats. Decim8, which you might know from several great drum & bass parties, will also strengthen the party setting of Sunday afternoon.

Read more about the Saturday programme at Wall of Sound and Basso Terrace >>



Saturday, Sept. 9th



Nicole Willis &
Banda Palomita



Aleh Ferreira &
Brazilian Locomotiva


Ackboo ft. Ras Hassen Ti

Super Janne

Lexsoul Dancemachine

Tre-Funk III

DJ Hugo Mendez


Maria Gasolina




Es-Ow and
The Ridial Band


Balkan Fever Oriental Sound System

Maisa Tikka

Mysterose Garden


Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show


Sunday, Sept. 10th

Hassan Maikal



Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show