Wall of Sound, Saturday September 9th

The underground stars of Helsinki’s sound system culture, Ivah Sound, brings along with their massive PA system to the Funky Elephant an incredible setting of guest artists to perform at restaurant Lämpö and the Basso Terrace outdoors on both days. Some of the most notable highlights include the live show by Ackboo ft. Ras Hassen Ti (FRA), who combine electronic production into their roots-flavored steppers dub sound, as well as the anticipated comeback show of the Finnish top-notch rapper Super Janne.

Tree of Dub

Healing of the Nation
Sound System

Wall of Sound (Lämpö)

Still, the unique concept of Wall of Sound, specifically tailor-made for this year’s Funky Elephant, is most of all a big party of sound systems and deejays. Chill hop/lofi producer Kupla, composing his music and living nowadays in London, brings his authentic flavor for the afternoon with his sound mixing together jazz, film music, smooth basslines, heavy beats as well as sounds of nature.

And it is not only Ivah Sound who offer a plentiful and versatile serving to the audience with their deejay set consisting of genres like reggae, ragga, steppers and dancehall as well as hip hop and dubstep. One of the interesting names will surely be Mr Krabbz, who runs his Dogtown HiFi sound system in Rottweil, Germany. More traditional reggae dub you can probably hear in the selections of Tree of Dub and Selekta Root. Expect to hear nice vocals as well, at least when Poorman Dub Sound from Tampere step in with their live vocalists!

Selecta Root

Fyah I


Basso Terrace (Lämmön terassi)

Outside on the Basso Terrace the festival audience will be entertained and hyped up by both old school veterans, like Healing of The Nation Sound System, and raggamuffin vocalists of the new generation, such as Fyah I who will be performing together with Ras Kurmas. It’s not only about Jamaica though, which you will definitely hear when the b-boy legend DJ Focus from the prestigious Flow Mo Sounds crew takes over the turntables with his funk vinyls and the breakdancers of Saiffa Flow Mo Dance School!

The late evening has been devoted for the blazing sets of drum & bass and jungle when Helsinki Jungle Mafia gets wild with their special sessions starting already before midnight with the solo set by Trey. Before that the tempo has been lifted up already with the selections by Selecta Andora, also known from his hot dancehall sets in the frequencies of Basso radio station, as well as by Autuas, who will add his dark and mystical influences to the bass-heavy night.

Mr. Krabbz

Poorman Dub Sound

Saturday, Sept. 9th



Nicole Willis &
Banda Palomita



Aleh Ferreira &
Brazilian Locomotiva


Ackboo ft. Ras Hassen Ti

Super Janne

Lexsoul Dancemachine

Tre-Funk III

DJ Hugo Mendez


Maria Gasolina




Es-Ow and
The Ridial Band


Balkan Fever Oriental Sound System

Maisa Tikka

Mysterose Garden


Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show


Sunday, Sept. 10th

Hassan Maikal



Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show