New York-born soul singer Nicole Willis has earned her reputation especially as the lead vocalist of the retro funk/soul band The Soul Investigators, who released four internationally acclaimed albums in around 10 years. Besides this she has actively worked on her own soul music with more electronic approach since the beginning of 1990’s, most recently together with her husband Jimi Tenor as the house music based duo Cola & Jimmu.

Collaboration with The Soul Investigators has been finished at least so far, while the soul queen of Finland is now stepping to new grounds with a lineup called Nicole Willis & Banda Palomita. So we are honored to enjoy their groovy and soulful disco funk set at the Funky Elephant Festival at its freshest!

Musically speaking the sound is much more organic, nearly neo soul inspired when compared to Nicole’s solo material. The new band consists of top-notch musicians, such as Abdissa Assefa, Ndioba Gueye and jazz virtuoso Antti Kujanpää, who have been playing in bands of such artists as Timo Lassy and Tuomo as well as in groups like Afrocola and K-X-P for years.

Nicole has also worked with several others on her new album, such as multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor and American electro bassist Jonathan Maron on the single ”Big Fantasy (For Me) / Tear It Down”, which was released this spring. What this leads us to is an organic, elegant and definitely danceable live set which will present the Nicole Willis we all love so much with a fresh approach, but ready to charm as always before! JK

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Saturday, Sept. 9th



Nicole Willis &
Banda Palomita



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Super Janne

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Sunday, Sept. 10th

Hassan Maikal



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Horse Show