Ndioba (SEN)

Bass virtuoso, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ndioba was born and raised in Senegal where he grew up in a musical environment and was exposed to different musical styles from mbalax to afrobeat as well as from hip hop to jazz, rock and Latin music. In 1992, the famous Finnish world musician Hasse Walli invited him to play with his modern mbalax band Asamaan, which made it also to the European charts. This encouraged him to make more collaboration with bands and artists such as Piirpauke, Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor and Jimmy Lowson.

In 2012 Ndioba released his debut solo album Don’t Go and is currently working on a new album to be released next year. It will combine a variety of influences from Senegalese traditions to Brazilian sound scapes and Cuban pop-folk, while his positive lyrics are written in his native language Wolof and English. The Funky Elephant festival audience will get a fascinating chance to explore Ndioba’s musical journey already now! JK

Saturday, Sept. 9th



Nicole Willis &
Banda Palomita



Aleh Ferreira &
Brazilian Locomotiva


Ackboo ft. Ras Hassen Ti

Super Janne

Lexsoul Dancemachine

Tre-Funk III

DJ Hugo Mendez


Maria Gasolina




Es-Ow and
The Ridial Band


Balkan Fever Oriental Sound System

Maisa Tikka

Mysterose Garden


Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show


Sunday, Sept. 10th

Hassan Maikal



Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show