Charismatic brothers Gian and Marouf Majidi lead six-piece BaranBand which is a Helsinki-based musical group performing music from Middle-East with North African influences. On their songs they combine danceable rhythms, oriental melodies as well as energetic and vivacious spirit. Kurdish-Iranian roots, influences grabbed along from different parts of the world as well as the cultural backgrounds of the members gain benefits from traditions but also add up to a deliciously diverse musical experience. You can hear this clearly on their debut album Mn Bo To released this summer.

Besides the Kurdish vocals (Gian Majidi) you will hear live on stage Arabian percussions (Ricardo Padilla), keyboards (Esko Grundström), contrabass (Simo Kärki), Tar lute (Marouf Majidi) and violin (Lotta-Maria Pitkänen). Talented eclectic instrumentation as well as lyrics focusing on life and especially its positive sides come out together delightfully and inspiringly ready to make a mark on you. JK

Saturday, Sept. 9th



Nicole Willis &
Banda Palomita



Aleh Ferreira &
Brazilian Locomotiva


Ackboo ft. Ras Hassen Ti

Super Janne

Lexsoul Dancemachine

Tre-Funk III

DJ Hugo Mendez


Maria Gasolina




Es-Ow and
The Ridial Band


Balkan Fever Oriental Sound System

Maisa Tikka

Mysterose Garden


Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show


Sunday, Sept. 10th

Hassan Maikal



Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show