Foton (från vänster till höger): AskoJonathan Photography, Kai Joronen Photo & Consulting Oy

Photo by Matti Hietala

Foto: Ani Koivisto


(Svensk översättning påkommande)
Balkan Fever has made the local party people go buck wild for eight years already with their regular Balkan clubs, where the organic big orchestra sound meets the electronic beats. Drawing its clear influences from the traditions of the Balkan and gypsies, their modern club party concept has been an incredible success by filling the dance floors time after time and reaching out also to other areas of rhythm music. Balkan Fever has also introduced several interesting artists from both Finland as well as abroad to their audience.

However, this time you can get ready to experience something extraordinary when DJ’s Borzin and Arabellum will set up unique oriental club sessions full of dance music and influences from Middle East as well as Northern Africa. To make it all even more magical, Arabellum will also perform Oriental burlesque and they will be accompanied by the Arabian percussions of Vladimir Kekez and the belly dancer Yilan Kabilesi. You’re warmly welcome to join the journey on their guidance! JK

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