Elephant Stage (Sat)
Many of the musical highlights of Funky Elephant this year will be experienced on Elephant Stage, while dancing in front of it on the
Stomping Ground!

Funky Submarine (Sat+Sun)
Some of you might know this venue by the name of Tiivistämö. At the Funky Elephant it takes a new form of a funky submarine vibrating on rhythm frequencies and taking you down to the underwater world during the live shows on Saturday as well as rap sessions on Sunday.

3D Shadow Club (Sat+Sun)
Besides admiring its visuality, the three-dimensioned shadow world designed by artist Risto Puurunen on the next-door bar to Funky Submarine offers special ground for several wonderful experiences from odd performances to the open stage on Sunday.

Funky Family Zone (Sat+Sun)
At the social meeting point of the festival you can enjoy both live musical shows as well as delicious food options while meeting your friends and other members of the Funky Family. On Sunday there will also be lots of programme and activities for children!

Wall of Sound (Sat)
Ivah Sound builds their massive Wall of Sound into Restaurant Lämpö for the weekend out of their reputed, heavy bass-bearing sound system as well as brings a wide selection of artists to be enjoyed. A special reggae brunch also on Sunday!

Basso Terrace (Sat+Sun)
At the comfortable terrace of Restaurant Lämpö some of the highlights include the Flow Mo Sounds club concept and deejay selections as well as the dancers of street dance center Saiffa, who also invite you to take part on their open breakdance workshops inside Funky Submarine on Sunday.

Tropical Splash (Sat+Sun)
Funky Amigos’ tropical rhythm music club takes over the intimate inner yard next to the main entrance on Saturday evening, while you can follow or join the dance ping pong championship contest there earlier. On Sunday, feel free to hang out and play some while enjoying nice music.

Unity Haven (Sat+Sun)
Club Balkan Fever along with their belly dancers welcome you to their unique oriental dance club on Saturday, and the Startup Refugees project with their Bagdad Barbers (ready to serve you!) on Sunday will make the world a bit smaller again by inviting people from different parts of the world closely together.

Feel Good Garden (Sat+Sun)
Special oasis of wellness and good feeling offers a variety of activities, holistic well-being and inspiring performances, which will encourage all of us to love each other.

Backyard Bayou (Sat)
One of the small secret corners of Suvilahti, the backyard of 3D Shadow Club, will be the special stage for the psychedelic Space Hybris performance, which will take you to unseen visual worlds, on Saturday.

Jungle Bazaar (Sat+Sun)
When you want something special from funky pieces of jewelry to clothes to take home with you from the festival, you should head to the bazaar alley of the festival!