3D Shadow Club

Located next to the Funky Submarine venue, 3D Shadow Club is a multi-disciplinary meeting point for alternative arts and music both on Saturday’s programme as well as on Sunday when there will be an open stage. Fascinating setting has at least as incredible environment, since behind the atmosphere of this special venue is musician and visual artist Risto Puurunen. Besides his personal art exhibitions, you might have enjoyed his artworks also on the highly visualized live shows by the prestigious Cleaning Women where he also plays. Now his marvelously created shadow world, built mostly from recycled materials such as old projectors, treasures of flea markets as well as plastic junk and stubs of iron wires, will be enhancing the Funky Elephant festival experience.

Timo Tuhkanen Experience

On Saturday, the ambient and twilight atmosphere of 3D Shadow Club holds the musical piece Experience / Kokemus by Timo Tuhkanen, which combines world music into electronic soundscapes. It is based on the Rasa aesthetics of Indian music but adds there also microtonal and xenharmonic tuning, ambient sound, jazz as well as African and Caribbean polyrhythms. The piece consists of three parts which will culminate into the collaboration together with musicians Suvadeep Das, Matti Laukkanen, Ilmari Rönkä and Lauri Supponen.

Riikka Theresa Innanen

Choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, visual artist and refugee activist Riikka Theresa Innanen delights us with her unique and magical performances reacting to the environment as well as to the live music of Timo Tuhkanen. To the internationally acknowledged Innanen, art is an ecology of creativity, constituted by a body-mind in motion, interacting with the world through a visceral, aesthetic, kinaesthetic and intelligent interface. Her aim as an artist is to choreograph conditions for creativity to emerge, unfolding in body, mind, time and space, even in society, allowing us to see the world and our self’s anew beyond our current predicaments.

Open Stage (Sunday)

On the Sunday afternoon 3D Shadow Club offers in the multi-disciplinary spirit of its nature all the artists and performers an open stage for three hours. Welcome!

Saturday, Sept. 9th



Nicole Willis &
Banda Palomita



Aleh Ferreira &
Brazilian Locomotiva


Ackboo ft. Ras Hassen Ti

Super Janne

Lexsoul Dancemachine

Tre-Funk III

DJ Hugo Mendez


Maria Gasolina




Es-Ow and
The Ridial Band


Balkan Fever Oriental Sound System

Maisa Tikka

Mysterose Garden


Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show


Sunday, Sept. 10th

Hassan Maikal



Manic Pixie Dream
Horse Show